"I only wish,"


A dyslexic muggleborn who sneaks a laptop and a printer into hogwarts and types up her essays using 8x11’ parchment and Brush Script font and none of the teachers are ever the wiser.


A muggleborn getting through the age line of the goblet of fire with a fake mustache.


Muggleborns enchanting everything from books to toilets to RickRoll whoever opens them


What if all these muggle-born Harry potter headcanons actually happens at Hogwarts and it’s the muggle-borns are posting them?


278. A muggleborn student dresses up as Gandalf right before a sibling’s exam and shouts “You shall not pass!”. A teacher sees this and mistakes it for the student making fun of Dumbledore. The student has to go up and explain it to him, and Albus can’t stop laughing.

In 1996,


Hogwarts had an influx of black cats, all named Salem.

Chaos ensued.


ok let’s talk about slytherin muggleborns, shall we?

slytherin muggleborns asking for nothing but pens for christmas

slytherin muggleborns showing their pureblood counterparts how much fucking better pens are than quills bc let’s be real here

slytherin muggleborns then selling their pureblood friends pens at a ridiculous markup to make a profit

slytherin muggleborns


it’s season finale week. every night, near 9pm, all muggleborns disappear from the dining hall. if you walk past the left corridor in the seventh floor, you can see a kid with a targeryen shirt, running up and down the hall and muttering ‘i need a working game of thrones livestream, i need a working game of thrones livestream, i need a work…


2014: The year of the never ending Muggleborn Headcanons.


okay i have this headcanon that at one point all people were magical but squibs started being born and families of squibs started forming and they became what we call muggles, but everyone has //some// magic in their bloodline and that’s why muggleborns can happen.